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Isaiah saw God and it changed his life. What can we learn from Isaiah’s call in Isaiah 6?

Isaiah served God as a prophet for most of his life. He was an advisor to good kings and bad. At the beginning of his ministry he saw God and the vision set the tone for the rest of his life. (Isaiah 6)

When we get a clear picture of who God is it changes our lives.

Judah’s long-reigning but prideful King Uzziah died in the same year that Isaiah saw God, the King of heaven.

When Isaiah saw God he got a real picture of his own moral failings

In the first chapters of the book Isaiah pronounced Woes on the Jewish people for their immorality. In this chapter he pronounced a Woe on himself for his uncleanness. He saw God’s perfection and saw how far he fell short.

When Isaiah acknowledged his failings God took away his sin and prepared him for service in his kingdom

We must first confess before we can be made clean. He is given a picture of cleaning when an angel touched his mouth with a coal. He saw his guilt and then his guilt was removed.

When Isaiah was ready, God commissioned him as a prophet.

Being cleansed by God was not the end. It prepared Isaiah for a life of service.

Being right where God wants you doesn’t always mean that you will succeed by human standards

Isaiah was told that the people would not listen to him. Isaiah’s ministry would not be successful in converts but sometimes God calls us to cast the seed of his message. People respond as they will.

The chapter ends with only a stump. The was not much left after the people rejected God and felt the consequences.  In Isaiah 11:1 salvation for the Jews and the world comes from the stump.

God wins his victory from the dead stump of apparent defeat

When we get a clear picture of who God is it changes our lives.

Questions for consideration:

Can you think of instances where someone you know has pulled away from Christian service and their church because they preferred a secret sin to being open to God about their faults?

What are areas in your life that God has cleaned up and put into his service.

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