Jan 22

I’ve decided to continue a discipline I started last year

I’ve decided to continue a discipline I started last year

Bible Listening

I have decided to add the discipline of Bible listening.

I have downloaded an app to my phone and tablet and am listening to four chapters each day. It takes twenty to thirty minutes. I will listen through the Bible once this year.

Some of us have had the grace to come to Christ at a younger age. As the years become decades we face the challenge of familiarity diminishing our awe and respect for God’s written revelation.

We want to be sure that our reading does not degenerate into quick scanning.

We can read aloud. We can read the Bible in a second language. We can try a different translation or paraphrase each year.

Listening is another way to do this. We can’t rush any faster that the reader. The ear gate is different that the eye gate.

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