Sep 19

God with us- the beginning and end of Matthew’s Gospel

We want God’s presence

A Christian who wants to live a focused life desires the daily intimate presence of God. As we pray and read Scripture we see blurry glimpses of what that might be. Moses desired to see the face of God and had a mysterious lesser experience. Isaiah caught a glimpse of God and it revealed his weakness and changed his life. (Exodus 33:17-23; Isaiah 6)

Emmanuel God with us

There are obvious bookends in the Matthew’s gospel. In the first chapter Matthew tells the reader that the circumstances of Messiah’s birth fulfill a prophecy. He shall be called Emmanuel which means God with us. (Matthew 1:22-23)

I will be with you
In Jesus’ commission that closes the book He tells his disciples to go and make disciples. As they do this he promises that he will be with them until the end of the age. Since the first sin, humanity’s experience of God’s presence has been corrupted. (Matthew 28:16-20)

Moses wanted to see God… and he did

Moses wanted to see God and could only be given a passing glimpse. During the Transfiguration he came to earth and saw God face to face in Jesus. The coming of Messiah as a child was central to God’s plan to restore his presence with the human race. He emptied himself of heaven’s glories. Jesus is God with us at the beginning of the gospel. At the end he promised his presence as his followers fulfill the Great Commission until he returns. (Matthew 17:1-8)

How do we experience Gods presence?

God’s people want God presence. God will be with us when we dedicate ourselves to make disciples among our fellow pilgrims. (Matthew 1:23; 28:20)

How are you active in making disciples?

Who has been and is active in your pilgrimage of discipleship?

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