Are you a follower of Jesus who wants to be informed and empowered so you can change your world?


Friendship is an obstetric art; it draws out our richest and deepest resources; it unfolds the wings of our dreams and hidden indeterminate thoughts; it serves as a check on our judgements, tries out our new ideas, keeps up our ardor, and inflames our enthusiasm.                 Antonin Sertillanges


Many Christians struggle with life. I will provide the focus you need to live more confidently as you face your daily challenges.


Many Christians are overwhelmed by the noise in the world around them.

In our world with its TV, radio, internet, social media, and many more options we hear about too many things.
We cannot process things quickly enough.
We cannot get to the core.
We cannot find what we need or want.
This blog can help you.
When I worked at seminaries and universities I needed to be informed.
I have continued to read about 300 posts and articles from 100 blogs and websites each week.
I identify the 10 most important and put them in my Links to Begin the Week and send them to you on Monday.
I also write on subjects and review books that are central to Christian growth and maturity.
You are welcomed to sign up for my blog and join the journey.
On this blog I am, at best, a player-coach or a facilitator.
I am on my own pilgrimage.
I am in this with you.I am a writer who helps thirsty Christians grow confidently.
I want to help you change your world as you change your life.

Links to Begin the Week

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Links to Begin the Week- March 18, 2019

Link to a previous post on my blog If you have privilege, there are two ways to use it… one is not helpful Links to things I’ve read recently You should not assume that I agree with everything said in these articles but I did find them thought provoking. Are Only Few People Saved? Do I Need …

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Links to Begin the Week- March 11, 2019

This week’s links range from bizarre anti-Semitism, busyness, and prayer to just owning too much stuff.

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It is time to pray for the United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church has made a surprising choice. Where do they go from here?

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Links to Begin the Week- March 4, 2019

This week’s links are to important posts on our last words, dealing with difficult people and a challenging new book

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